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elcome to our dedicated Fly Fishing Links page.

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Barlow Fisheries is an Eight Lake Complex four Trout Lakes and four Coarse Lakes. Great sport can be had on all the lakes.

The four trout lakes are well stocked with brown and rainbow trout and no fish are put in at less than takeable size. Most are introduced to the lakes at about 1.5lb. to 2.0lb but there are much larger specimens to be caught with weights well into double figures. The wild brown trout in the fresh water brook will prove a match for even the most skilful angler. The lakes are open to trout anglers all the year round but fishing in the brook is not permitted between September 30th and April 1st. Recommended flies with a size 20 hook include:- Little black buzzer, cat's whisker, bloodworm imitation.
The trout lakes are re-stocked at least weekly - or to demand - from our own home grown trout stock.

BEWL WATER is one of England's finest and most attractive trout fisheries with boat fishing on much of Bewl's 770 acres from the fleet of 54 well-maintained boats, and bank fishing accessible on more than half of the lake's 17-mile shoreline. Bewl's beautiful Wealden surroundings and intricate shape appeal both to those who like the intimacy of secluded and sheltered bays, and to those who appreciate the huge expanses and panoramic views experienced only on the larger stillwater fisheries. Tuition available Rob Barden is great and you have a laugh too.

BestCity Tackle  have many years experience of sourcing and supplying the best quality fishing tackle. They focus upon fly fishing because this is the part of the business they know best. They always stock a good range of rods, reels and lines and other accessories, at very competetive rates.

Tenterden Trout Waters was one of the first still water fisheries in South East England. The owners Barry and Audrey Evans still personally manage the fishery. The site enjoys an excellent reputation with discerning fly fishermen Worldwide.



Rutland Water is stocked with around 130,000 trout each year. With the record fish weighing in at 14lb 12oz, some of the best trout fishing in Europe is available here. Tuition available

Yew Tree Trout Fishery is set in 30 acres of woodland and meadows, the six acres of water provide a quiet and secluded environment in which fishermen can enjoy their sport. Two of the three lakes are stocked with rainbow trout and the third is solely brownies. The fishing is particularly suited to imitative dry fly and nymph fishing


Brick Farm Lakes is a trout fishery open to the general public all year round, pre-booking is not required. We have two lakes totalling about 4 acres both very well stocked weekly with rainbow trout. We believe we are the leaders in inexpensive smallwater fishing, stocking 15,000 plus trout a year ranging from 1.5lb to 15lb and having a yearly attendance in excess of 5,000 rods (most catch their limits).


Stowting Trout Lake is a clear spring fed 2 acre lake, nestling below the North Downs. Designed to provide enjoyable fly fishing for all abilities on a friendly basis, in beautiful surroundings at an affordable price. It's depth varies from 8 to 15 feet with shelving banks. Restocking from stew ponds can take place daily but in practice it is usually once every week or two with Rainbows and Browns from pound and a half up to double figures.


Inverawe Fishery is a superb fly-fishing centre with four lochs to suit all standards is quite unique. 

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