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As in all forms of rig making simplicity is the key, ( simple and effective ) there are far to many complicated rigs,and in my view totaly unnecessary.

Carp fishing the recent development of the knotless knot has simplified rig making, and on the predator scene twiddling wire traces easy efficient and neat.


This site will be constantly up-dated so bookmark it and come back for all the latest tackle, tips and rigs etc.
Wanted humorous stories to share on the web.  
Fish safety is paramount, this weigh station was formed by using a gardner triad and three cygnet storm poles, note the large unhooking mat, ( for that fish of a life-time.)     


A good pair of polaroid glasses are a must, it's amazing what you miss without them, fish just below the surface could be overlooked ( unseen ) without them.
Most specimens can and are caught in the margins, concealment,stealth and awareness are the key to that fish of your dreams 
Fresh bait cannot be beaten, shelf life is good as a back-up, but for that specimen, fresh is best.
The Former Water Watchers Specimen Group.
" Freindship with a common interest "
Top row...Mick ( the pike ) Tilley, John ( stalker ) Turner
Bottom row...Denis ( spinner ) Harris, myself Alan ( li-lo ) Turner 
and Tony ( tinca ) Turner.
Most specimen groups are normally small,  consisting of freinds and relatives, but will usually take on board new members, these groups are scattered throughout the country, why not set one up yourself. The reason they are kept to a few members is so that they can fish together as a group, the more members they have the harder it is to meet up on the banks.

Most anglers these days photograph thier fish, but when that fish of a life time comes along you will probably be alone, so you need to be prepared so i have devised a setup for just this situation, firstly i like to use an SLR camera to this i attach a bulb release which is then placed on a tripod, i focus the camera up on a storm stick placed at the rear of the unhooking mat, the pole has three pieces of luminous tape one placed at head height the other two placed where the fish would be held, place the bulb release under the knee,click,flash,for the perfect specimen photo.

    Photographs do not allways do justice
  to the fish we catch, but these carvings do
   to contact Brian Tel: 01843-581177


          Brian Mills
Here Brian is starting work on a carving
of a Carp


     Check out the Bait Bucket
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As the colder weather sets in location
is much more important, but can still
throw up a surprise, fish still need to feed
as the fishes metabolism slows down so does
its need to feed, but feed they will but not for so
long or as much. Wrap up warm, take hot food
and drink, be comfortable and you will fish better.


               Water Craft
water craft is an essential part of specimen hunting,
make a map of your chosen venue and mark depths and features like
weed beds, gravel bars, silty areas etc.


The Specimen Hunter

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