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It was at the age of six when I made that first cast and have never tired of it,though most of my time is spent in pursuit of Carp and Catfish I try to vary it from time to time, from fly-fishing on the Lochs and rivers in Scotland, trotting my local river stour for roach etc,Pike fishing in winter,on the odd occasion a bit of sea fishing,but for me Catching a large King Carp from different waters has fast become a way of life.

There is nothing I like better than sitting by a lake, pure tranquility.


My specimen list to date is as follows.

Carp = 55lb-8oz

Tench = 10lb-0oz

Pike = 26lb-10oz

Perch = 2lb-8oz

Wels catfish = 30lb-0oz

Roach = 2lb-8oz
Rudd = 1lb - 8oz

Bream = 10lb-10oz

Sturgeon = 12lb-2oz

Grass Carp = 22lb-2oz

Barbel = 7lb-8oz

Chub = 4lb-5oz

Hoping to improve on some of these this season


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The Specimen Hunter


Did you know.....
You should drink
at least three pints
of water a day....
I never drink water
fish s--t in it.


The Specimen Hunter

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